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I have decided to remove the paywall in-front of certain skills and actions, allowing everybody to do them free of charge. This means that free players are now able to train Agility, Jewelcrafting and Thieving finally! Free players will also now have access to the Agility Shop to spend their [Agility Token].

Subscribers, don't worry! You will now be getting some awesome new bonuses to help make your purchase a bit more worth it. Subscribers now earn an extra 25% bonus experience while training professions and combat, giving them a slight edge over the competition. They will also now gain an additional 25% gold while slaying enemies in combat! Subscribers also get double the amount of base Energy, 50 instead of 25 (keep in mind that Energy can be raised by training Agility). Some other upcoming bonuses will include being able to list more items on the Auction House, subscriber-only emoticons, monthly subscriber rewards and much more.

I have been debating on making this change for the last couple of weeks, and decided to finally go with it. I hope that this change is something that you all enjoy, so please let me know what you think. Good luck and have fun! :D

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great news
Posted 3,087 Days Ago
This is good as I can not donate although i did try