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Read ArticleI'm looking to find a new name for the new version of the game. I will be giving 20,000 [ManaPot] to whoever's name I end up choosing (if I go with one that someone suggests). This contest will remain open for 1 week from the creation of this post.

- The name must not be a copy of something else.
- The name should be at least 4 characters long, and no more than 15.
- The domain needs to be available for the name (
- The available domain must be at least 4 characters long and no more than 8.
- The name should be "catchy" and very easy to remember.
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  • Deltacraze
  • Dust and Rebirth
  • War of Oracles

All over 8 characters for the domains but I feel that doesn't matter :P

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-Flamekeeper         (
-Fólkvangr              (Fó
 (This is a place half the people went when they died in Norse culture if they didn't go to Valhalla basically its a resting place for souls.) 
-runescape idle       (
 (ahahah jking ;p hyper hypo beat you to it.)
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Blades of Serenity sounds pretty dope. 16 characters, but whatever.
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Posted 2,515 Days Ago
Fantasm (

Skills RPG (

Orbtech (

Manafi ( or manafy

Tyme (

Posted 2,514 Days Ago
Rain of War (

... more to come

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One Blood (

One Realm (
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RSBattle => Battlers (
..magic... ;P
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Shattered is my name game suggest; and yeah we all liked rsbattle url. is also open domain. My old game was called Capture id be ok if that was to be used you have my permission. Howver Capture would need a variation to get hosting.
Posted 2,459 Days Ago
Mana Realm (
Evolution RPG (

Posted 2,389 Days Ago
Warriors Virtue
Tales of Mana

Posted 2,169 Days Ago
GrindRPG aka Darkmana aka Phoenixknights aka Swordbreaker aka
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Grind King, Grindomania, or Grind Wars suit the genre best. Thanks