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I'm reaching out today in hopes that we can start to generate a bit more traffic on the forums, and to also get some awesome ideas for the game. Other than major features, we need to start getting some more ideas posted so I can get them into the game. I'm mostly looking for small changes that could help improve the gameplay, extra information you may want to see somewhere in the game, design suggestions, minor annoyances, etc.

You'll see that a lot of updates that have been requested are currently added into the game. And those that haven't made the cut, I try my best to explain why it comes to that decision. I take ALL feedback into consideration, so please don't ever feel like you don't have a reason to speak up. I can't fix existing issues or come out with features you want without your input. The forums are the best way to do it, as it will always be there for me to read (I check them daily). Even if you tell it to me in chat, take a couple minutes and post it to the forums.

Also, what would you like to spend your [ManaPot] on? I have tried adding various items to the ManaShop, but there hasn't been much success. I do not want to add things that make the game pay-to-win, but I want you to feel rewarded for your puchase. It's pretty difficult to know what YOU would like to see, when I get little-to-no suggestions. Please, help me! I want you guys to have awesome stuff you can get for your support, without making it over-powered.

I've been really busy packing up all of my belongings and getting them ready to move into my new place. I will be fully setup and moved in on Monday, so expect things to pick back up soon. You'll have lots of new stuff to enjoy in the coming weeks; such as: Magic, Ranged, Prayer, new combat drops & enemies, finished skills / actions, trading and much more.

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I'd like the forums to be re-done. Brought this up another time, but it's nearly impossible to tell when a new post or anything is created. I accidentally found this because I decided to check the forums today. I'd see no indication of it on the front page that this was even posted 19 hours ago. You need to show last post, date / time, ect. on the front page. It's CONFUSING as hell right now, and that's why no one is using the forums. The only improvement I want is the one we discussed in the chat earlier, which you said you'd do eventually, so I don't have much else besides those two that bug me.

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Oh, actually, one more major thing. The Android app needs to be fixed as soon as possible. With a working Android App, you'll be able to pull in a TON of new players. I'd completely remove what you have now, as it's non-functioning, and try and either get it working, or see if Geek can speed up the process. I think having that work would be huge for the game, in terms of exposure and new players.
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The forums do need a bit of work, mainly to address what you said. Also to make it possible to edit posts. Along with bringing them into the game (not requiring a separate window).

I actually did just pull the app from the Google Play store. Will re-add it once it's updated.
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I actually just thought of this now, in terms of getting some new players. Have you ever thought of making a Facebook App of Manapot? It's relatively easy, and you can literally import the entire game as it is now (but I think FB embeds it in an iFrame). If you are able to do that, I see the possibilities for new players being pretty endless, especially if you make use of the FB API (to send out notifications and those "join my game" messages).
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Hmm, yeah I'll have to look into it. Never thought of it.
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Regarding Manapot items: As silly as it might sound, character titles and chat effects (ie: colored text/exclusive emojis) are donation items that were popular on some other text-based MMORPGs that I've played. I also saw a couple employ some sort of "global buff/perk" system, where players (or one generous player) could pool their donation currency towards a server-wide buff that benefits everyone for a limited time (an hour or two). The server buff had a cooldown of 24 hours in both cases and could be redeemed at any point during the 24 hours so that players at work/afk/etc didn't miss it.