2016 Christmas Event   By:   420{420} Ryan     Created: December 11th, 2016 at 05:00am

  Global Announcement

Happy Holidays everyone! The Christmas event has returned and brought along some new rewards for you to collect.

[Snowball] - Obtained as a random drop while training non-combat skills. The drop rate of snowballs start off low and increase as the event continues each day.

[Red Santa Costume] - Just like last year, you'll be able to collect snowballs which you can use to purchase pieces of the Red Santa Costume.

[Christmas Background] - Collect 100 snowballs during the event to unlock this unique background image. Only available this year!

[Snowman] - The Snowman has returned again this year, and is showing off it's new stats. This is the perfect companion for those of you wanting a nice balance of cooldown, energy and luck. You can purchase one of your own from the ManaShop.

[Red Reindeer Hat] - This unique hat will grant the wearer the ability to find [Snow Covered Cache] while training non-combat skills. Also available from the ManaShop, limited time item (will only be available during this year's event, never to return).

[Christmas Cloak] - A new cloak has arrived as well. This year's Christmas Cloak will give the wearer the ability to find [Candy Cane] while training non-combat skills. Don't worry, the Candy Canes are able to be found and consumed even when the Christmas Event isn't live! This item is a rare drop obtained from training non-combat skills.

[Christmas Stocking] - Stockings have been updated greatly, providing you with a rare chance to obtain some loot other than candy. The additional items are very rare (some more than others), so open as many as you can to increase your odds! Stockings can now also contain: Snowman, Red Reindeer Hat & Green Santa Costume pieces. Obtained from training non-combat skills as a rare drop, or purchasable with snowballs.

[Green Santa Costume] - Obtained rarely from the stockings, this new costume will have you standing out from all those other fake Santas. :P This is the most "common" rare item from the stockings. Collect all 3 pieces to combine them into a single costume.

We have lots of new updates coming around the beginning of the near year such as: Magic, Ranged, guild updates and much much more. Make sure to check your email address for a special Christmas promotional code we sent to you as our gift! :)

The Christmas event is only active from December 11th through December 25th.