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Welcome to ManaPot's first holiday event, Halloween! You'll find lots of new collectable items and even some delicious treats. Be quick though, as this event will only last from October 17th until the 31st. Those of you who participate in the event will gain the [Halloween 2015] achievement, along with whatever other rewards you might obtain!

Event Rewards

During the event, you'll come across [Skeleton Bone] as you train your skills (non-combat); which are used to purchased the items listed below. The more you play, the more Bones you can collect (there is no limit). Upon finding 100 bones, you will earn the [Halloween 2015] achievement which grants you the [Halloween Background].

  • [Skeleton Head] - Purchased for 25 Bones.   \
  • [Skeleton Chest] - Purchased for 75 Bones.     -   [Skeleton Costume] - Combine all three pieces to obtain.
  • [Skeleton Legs] - Purchased for 50 Bones.    /
  • [Halloween Candy] - Purchased for 5 Bones.

If you don't feel like hunting down creepy bones, you can always purchase a [Skeleton Costume] for 5,000 [ManaPot]. We encourage players to go about obtaining it naturally, but this option is there for people who may have limited play time or just don't want to mess with it.

For those of you who want to get a little more festive, there are 2 unique items being sold in the ManaShop during the event. Both items are able to be traded (once trading is finished); so it might be a good idea to stock up on one or two as they will be worth quite a bit in the future. ;)

  • [Reaper Hood] - Purchased for 5,000 [ManaPot].
  • [Jack-o'-lantern] - Purchased for 25,000 [ManaPot].

You might also come across some [Bag of Candy] that someone has left behind. Dump out the bag to get a random amount of [Halloween Candy]! It's quite rare to find a bag lying around though since most people keep a good eye on their sweets.

Last, but not least, the [Halloween Cloak]! This item can be found the same way Bones are, except it is super rare to find one. These cloaks will only be dropped during this year's event, and can also be traded! Great for if you want to give one to a friend in the future, or sell for a little bit of profit.

Happy Halloween!

If you have any feedback regarding the event, please tell us on this article's forum post. We hope that you enjoy our special event and have a Happy Halloween!

Posted 2,722 Days Ago
Awesome event, hoping for that Cloak!
Posted 2,686 Days Ago
ahhh...missed it =[