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The latest update to the game is something that's been a bit controversial in previous discussion. You can now choose whether you want to train efficiently or conveniently. Automatic action training provide you with the experience of an incremental game, but also gives you the option to play the original way (via clicking buttons).

The main downside to automatically training is the fact that it takes quite a bit longer to perform each action, leading to less experience and materials within a given amount of time. I believe this update will be beneficial to both the players and the long-term state of the game. Not only will it help attract new players, but it will make it possible for current players to play in certain situations where they weren't quite able to before (due to the amount of interaction it took).

  • Subscribers: 2.5 times as long
  • Non-Subscribers: 5 times as long

As you can see above, you can subscribe to the game to decrease the amount of time it takes to automatically train. While it does give subscribers a bit of an advantage, keep in mind that this entire feature is completely optional. You can still train naturally like before, and get the most out of your playtime.

I will be adding the ability to turn off the automatic training feature in the near future, for those of you who don't want to use it at all.

Posted 2,830 Days Ago
Its disappointing to see the game go in this direction, but it will probably draw in more players.
Posted 2,808 Days Ago
So you mean play at work, right ?